Essay on My Experience At The Memphis Tigers Football Game

Essay on My Experience At The Memphis Tigers Football Game

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Looking back on where I left off in my last paper, it seems like years have passed. So much has happened and I have already had so many new experiences and met new people. My last few weeks of college, I grew so much, and learned even more than I thought I was capable of. The anxiety and fear I felt my first week of school has faded away and I now I feel as though I can tackle anything that comes my way.
One of the experiences I have gone through lately is almost attending the Memphis Tigers football game on September 24th, the keyword here is “almost”. I bought my guest ticket for my boyfriend. I was excited and anxious all day for the game. I get out of my history class and meet him in the University Center, this is where things start to go haywire. We were informed that the Blue Line buses were taking people from campus to the liberty bowl about every 20 minutes. We packed my school books in his trunk and then waited, and waited, and waited some more. We walked around for 45 minutes trying to figure out where in the world these buses were, it seemed they were purposefully avoidin...

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