My Experience At The Lundquist College Of Business Community Essay

My Experience At The Lundquist College Of Business Community Essay

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Taking BA 199 this term was very beneficial to me. I learned about the many resources that I have available to me within the Lundquist College of business community as well as the entire University as well. One of the key ideas that I have really taken from this class is to use my resources. This course helped me to take advantage the resources I have here if it wasn’t for this course I would of never walked into tutoring center here for help in my BA 101 class. When I walked in I realized that I wasn’t the only student in the struggle and when I looked around I saw a bunch of other students like me with the same major. It made me really feel the sense of community that I was told about in my BA 199 class. I sensed what the guest speakers as well as what the students meant when they were giving their testimony to the class.
I know understand how important it is for me to take advantage of my resources. I’ve also gained networking skills, if it wasn 't for this class I would 've never had the courage and see the importance to contact my mentor Lawyer and DA for the state of Oregon K...

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