My Experience At The High Level Essay

My Experience At The High Level Essay

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From as early as I can remember I have always loved learning. When I was younger, before I started any form of formal education, I remember always wanting to know what was going on and being a part of everything. My mom ran a day care in our home when I was growing up and I think that is what may have sparked my love of learning initially. She had kids of all pre-kindergarten ages and she has told me that I always looked up to the older kids and wanted to be doing everything they were doing. I think this had to do with the fact that I always wanted to learn and make sure that I was doing my best. Once I got into school, the desire to learn just increased. Though there were a few times, mostly in college, where I did not know if I was going to be able to push through and continue to learn at the high level I had set for myself. As I look back through my schooling I can see the highs and lows all the way from pre-school to college.
As I reflect on my pre-school days I can see that spending so much time with my mom early on took its toll at first. My mom told me a story about the first day of pre-school. She had just dropped me off and thought I was going to be fine but then as she is walking back to the car, I came running from the school through the busy parking lot to find her because I could not stand the thought of being in school without her no matter how much I loved learning. I think this story shows how sometimes the nurture beats out the nature. To this day the pre-school now has a chain link fence around it keeping children from running out into the parking lot after their parents. This story shows that from an early age, for me personally, I was all about the nurture and feeling safe.
This idea of nurture and safety was f...

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...e reasons why I enjoyed having a safe classroom so much might have been because I started my learning experiences in my mom’s daycare where I felt safe and comfortable. This is probably what made having a safe environment so important to me.
When I think about my future classroom and what I want it to look like, I imagine all the classrooms I described above all combined into one. The aspect that all of these classroom have in common is a safe and nurturing environment and this is the one aspect I want to rule my classroom. Through this journey of looking back into what my schooling was like and what I have come to remember as fond memories it is interesting to see what I clung to and valued most. With this in mind I now have a better understanding of how my future classroom was influenced by my schooling experiences and different teachers I came into contact with.

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