Essay on My Experience At The Health Care Industry

Essay on My Experience At The Health Care Industry

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Ten years ago, I began a second job working as a housekeeper during the evening hours at a local children’s hospital. My wife was pregnant with our first child at the time and we expected that the additional income would pay large dividends in helping to pay the costs associated with having a new baby. I never would’ve imagined that this seemingly unattractive experience would be a pivotal turning point in my career, and my life. I observed the care and love that was given by doctors and clinicians to those precious children. I saw compassion in their eyes as they performed the daunting task of caring for the innocent and alleviating the pain of those sweet souls who suffered with great patience.
That summer proved to be important in my life, offering me perspective and igniting a passion within me for health care that has existed ever since. It was during those long evening hours away from my new family that I dedicated myself to the health care industry. I made the ultimate goal and determination of one day returning to the halls of a children’s hospital where I could fervidly join in the efforts to ease suffering, give compassion, and improve the condition of children in whatever way I could. I always assumed that this dream would be fulfilled in a clinical role and so I pursued a career in medical imaging where I have worked for many years. However, while working in my current capacity as an MRI Technologist, I have become aware of the numerous opportunities across multiple sectors within the health care industry, and though I am passionate about working directly with patients, I have found that my true ambition lies in leadership.
I have spent many hours volunteering in the local community hospital, where I play ga...

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...t and teamwork closely align with my personal and professional principles creating a fit that is mutually beneficial.

I am very impressed with the organizations resume of community stewardship, commitment to ongoing research, and the respect that the organization has garnered over the years and is so clearly evident by the consistent ranking in US News and World Report as one of the very best children’s hospitals in the world. Texas Children’s is positioned well to take on the inevitable changes that have and will continue to be made to the health care industry. I am confident that I have the appropriate experience, educational background, and personality to be successful in your program and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. I would be very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of your team at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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