Essay on My Experience At The End Of The Tunnel

Essay on My Experience At The End Of The Tunnel

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I got up early the morning of my observation. I was nervous about sitting in the classroom for five hours. Twenty-five to thirty little people running around would make anyone a little scared. Thoughts were racing through my mind. Am I picking the right career, will I make a great teacher, and what grade should I teach?
When I decided I wanted to be a teacher, my first thought was to teach an older grade level. Life seems to have a way of changing things. When you are young and living at home, responsibilities are at a minimum and this makes being a teacher so much easier. Going back to school as an adult with an aging mother and bills to pay can be very stressful and I have to stop and reflect on why I am going to school. It is important to stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven’t decided whether or not I am going to teach elementary, middle school or high school. What an experience it was to talk to those sweet little third graders, and to listen to their thoughts.
A little girl asked me if I would walk with her while they all went outside. As we walked around the sidewalk I listened to a heart breaking story. I am not sure why she chose to be so open with me, a total stranger. At first she started talking about her father and how he would beat her momma and that’s why they moved here. She liked living here with her momma but she missed her husband and they moved back. He lied and kept hitting her so they moved back. Then she told me that her momma was in jail for stealing and they had put her in a foster home. Being a teacher is not just about teaching the basics. It’s about listening and being a safe place for a child who may need to talk. I am ready to be this ki...

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...board and I will have stations that students will rotate through.

I want to take a minute and reflect back on Mrs. McKinley my fourth grade teacher for a moment. I was at the mall last night and happened to strike up a conversation with a little white haired older woman, who was working at a retail shop. I’m not entirely sure how the conversation started but I ended up finding out that she and Mrs. McKinley were dear friends. It saddened me when she told me the sad news that she hung herself. After some events in her life she just couldn’t carry on. This just broke my heart. How is it that a caring, kind, loving woman would leave this world and everyone that loved her I wish she could have heard the news that I was in college to become a teacher and she had a huge influence on my life.

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