Essay about My Experience At The Easter Holidays

Essay about My Experience At The Easter Holidays

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While writing my graded unit there were many challenges and obstacles I had to overcome. As part of my report I had a timescale to work too, however I neglected to factor in the Easter Holidays. This meant I had to adapt my timescale and arrange new dates with my mentor. I had to ensure there was time in her schedule to allow me to complete my observations and interview without causing too much disruption. The consistent challenge for me was my home life, I have three children aged 14,11 and 2. This was a challenge I had to work around, I did this by keeping my older children informed of what work I had to do and for when. This meant they knew when I would be unavailable. I took my work with me to their out of school activities and studied while I waited in the car. With my youngest child I enlisted the help of my partner to allow me time out to study without distractions. I feel this ensured that I had a balance between home and college and allowed me the time needed to write my graded unit. I found it extremely hard working to the word count as I feel I had a lot of information to condense. This meant I had to re read my graded unit several times, selecting what I felt was the most important parts. Another aspect I particularly struggled with was grammar as this has been a week point my entire life. In order to work through this I have stopped using my tablet and organised for my work to be proof read by an outsider. Areas I felt went particularly well was my teacher interview which gave me a lot of information. I thoroughly enjoyed researching my graded unit and found the information very interesting and beneficial to take forward in my career. The Feedback received from my tutor on my implementation part was that I related ...

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...timescale. Another reason I had to adjust my timescale was to allow for other project work. This included observations for behaviour class and activities for my 5-8 report. I originally stated I would use the HNC book for my resources however this was not a suitable print source. I therefore changed my source to Davenports Child Development which was more appropriate. Apart from these slight changes, I followed my original plan as stated and took on board any feedback given at each stage.

I have shared my graded unit findings with my mentor, she has found this very informative and really valued seeing the support from another persons view. She and the school are very happy to discover my graded unit confirms that the school is delivering support as it set out to. They will continue to offer support in this way as they feel it has and will continue to get results.

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