Essay about My Experience At The Conrail Train Station

Essay about My Experience At The Conrail Train Station

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In my exhibit project, I had gone through my grandmother in the hopes of finding something significant historically. In the end of my searching, I had found a little handbook for employees that worked at the Conrail Train Station. It was published in 1979, so my grandmother was just starting her career at the train station. Conrail had produced it themselves for their associates. It was made for the associates to keep in case they had any other further questions, They could just look at the book instead of having to ask someone, or know all this information off hand.
I was lucky enough to be blessed with a woman who had kept her papers and documents for work very meticulous, and organized. This was one of the documents she had kept from her time there, and I felt that this out of all the things she kept was most important to the time period. This could give us a real look into how these associates were treated, and how requirements that they had to move up in the job or keep the job.
This handbook was a very go-to book for any questions or concerns that someone would have that worked at Conrail. It ranged from paid time off, sick days, and even what was required to get a promotion. She had found this book useful the entire time that she had worked there. So, during this time it would not be irreplaceable, but an inconvenience to not have it. Currently, It is worth around 15 dollars on Ebay. Although it does not hold monetary worth, but it holds historical worth on how these companies treated their associates. We can take this knowledge, and use it for the future. If a policy seemed to work in the past, we can see how we can make it better. Or, if a policy was completely irrational and did not work, we can get rid of it and find...

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...who have whatever wealth they possess by patient and diligent labor.”(Pg. 369) This is proven to be true in my grandmother’s case, because she went from the bottom of the line to being a higher up in the hierarchy of management.
This can relate to how that this story is also really just a myth because it only explains the success from people being white males, which is mentioned again in Heike’s book. “The myth of the self-made man historically applies to white men only.” (Pg. 369) Although it is historically known as only applying in those circumstances, we could apply it to more cases since women are working more and making way for themselves instead of depending on the man. Although it disproves the myth by proving that not only men can make a way for themselves, it proves the myth in the perspective of actually going from rags to riches in any type of situation.

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