Essay about My Experience At The Camp

Essay about My Experience At The Camp

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During my practicum there were many lessons learned that had help me build a stronger foundation as a future social worker. But the most significant has to be the summer camp, the camp lasted about five days. In the camp, I had the chance to interact with the children and understand more about their background. Seen how each member interacted with one another and understand that rather been just group of children in a camp they see themselves as a family with a real connection. It was also a time where my patience and dedication to the social work profession was challenge. After the camp my dedication to the program grew, I want to be part of it even after graduation.
Personal Learning
The camp was also a chance to learn on what it takes to keep a program running and the importance of knowing how to network in benefits of the clients. During camp, everything given to the children was completely free purchased by the program or were donated. Most of the food was donated, speakers donated their time to come to camp and talk to the children, and even a Chef came to camp ...

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