My Experience At The Asian Country Of Bangladesh Essay

My Experience At The Asian Country Of Bangladesh Essay

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Being the second to attend college in my family, I was able to experience a bit of insight into the college life. Coming from the South Asian country of Bangladesh,I wasn’t able to experience as much of my cultural heritage as I hoped I would. That is when I decided to take a vacation with my family to Bangladesh for the first time. In 2009, my family and I set out for a one month experience. I went to Bangladesh in February where the weather was not too hot, and where the sunsets were simply breathtaking. I have a family of five; that includes my parents, my younger brother who is twelve, and my older sister who is twenty-one. I aspire to become a teacher one day because I come from a big family where many family members are still very young. Being the second oldest, I have many responsibilities that reflect my personality and many of my responsibilities consist of supporting and educating young children. Performing these tasks has grown into a passion that I want to pursue which is why I attended college.
Being born into a South Asian family, education and being successful are the only importance to my family. My father was able to complete college and receive an associate 's degree whereas my mother wasn’t able to receive the best education because as a female 's she was required to stay indoors. I sometimes wonder how far my mother would have gone if she decided to continue with her educational life. However, she was able to come to America and has given my siblings and I the life she could not obtain.
I attended an elementary school that is one block away from my house which was very convenient for me and my parents. I did very well in elementary school and loved being my teacher’s helper. I would have to say, my b...

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... When deciding on colleges, I picked schools that had my major and not too far from where I live. Thankfully, when I began getting acceptance letters, I received one from City College. I was elated to hear back from City College and so was my family. A friend of mine also got accepted into City College as well as into the SEEK Program which made me feel a bit more comfortable knowing that I’ll see one familiar face when college begins.
In four years from know, I would like to graduate the City College of New York as being known are very helpful and educating. Hoping to become a teacher one day, I hope I will be known as a student who likes to see others succeed. I would also love to create strong connections that I can later use in the future. As I am fully committed to completing college I hope to inspire to aspire and continue on my route to becoming an educator.

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