My Experience At St. Louis Community College Essay

My Experience At St. Louis Community College Essay

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For many, the goal after high school is to move on to a higher learning of education. Whether a person goes to a University or Community College everyone has to take general education classes as part of the curriculum. I have attended both University and Community College, but for this paper I will be discussing my time at St. Louis Community College. I will touch on the general education skills that are intended to be taught and improved in higher learning.
First I will start with how the basic courses were from my point of view. When I was in my classes first thing I noticed were the different ages of students. In a community college it is not just students just out of high school, you have parents, and adults with full time jobs that are there getting an education. With that in mind, people’s time is limited, students who are older than your usual college students are the ones I saw that had a studious approach to classes. They seemed to have notebooks and pens out ready to take notes while being very attentive to what the teacher was saying. Younger students were more laid back in the classes. When it came down to what was being taught in the classes I would say that I was sometimes right with the rest of the class on what I already knew. For example, in my communication classes there were definitions that everyone in the room knew just from previous classes they have taken in past years. One of my classes I took was a Black Humanities class and when it was time for class discussions I took my educational background and voice my point of views and I could tell that I had a little more education on certain situations than most of the class. There are also some classes which I knew nothing about, such as Greek Mythology. Only ...

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...ral education I would say class discussion with a diverse group of individual is the best type of learning because you get different perspectives, views, and beliefs that cannot be found in the text book.
In conclusion, general studies has changed a little bit through the years, as it should, but it still remains a crucial part in ones higher learning because it is where you learn the basis of furthering your learning in other classes that are towards the field that you want to go in. Diversity in learning is a thing that is also needed to get the most of learning as possible because you never know how something someone says can influence your way of thinking and learning. The general education skills of written and oral communication, higher order thinking, managing information, and valuing are all beneficial to the development of an educated person in this world.

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