My Experience At School, College Or Even A Seminar Essay

My Experience At School, College Or Even A Seminar Essay

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Every course or class that we take, either at school, college or even a seminar, will help us in life in one way or another. I took academic writing in the summer course. Before taking the course I already knew and had some writing skills that I had acquired in prior courses. I consider myself an average writer, the results on essays I did depended on how much time and effort I put on each. Most of the time I didn’t know how to start or didn’t know if what I was doing was correct, but as the course developed my improvement was becoming evident. While I was taking this course I was taught several techniques to implement when writing an essay. During the summer I learned about the writing processes and some grammar; I liked the course but also think that if I could’ve put more time and effort in the assignments, therefore learned more.
While I was taking the course the professor gave us articles that we had to analyze and discus to make our essays. I did like all the topics that he gave us, all of them had one thing in common they talked about social media. That made think that a lot ...

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