Essay on My Experience At Savannah High School

Essay on My Experience At Savannah High School

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A cloudy day driving in Anaheim, I pull into a small rough and bumpy parking lot that looks like someone stomped through it, leaving potholes everywhere. I arrived at Savannah High School in Anaheim, California, where I parked next to an old gym and tennis courts. I began to walk towards a small door that read “trainer” in bring red and gold letters above the door frame, inside is where I found Kevinz Capioca the Head Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) for Savannah High School in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD). I first contacted Mr. Capioca via email, my friend is currently gaining observation hours is interning with him and asked if you be acceptable to interview him. Mr. Capioca has a Bachelors in Athletic Training, my current major, and I wanted to speak with someone who has had experience at the high school level for a few years and to why they chose that particular setting. My current experience has only let me observe the Community College and Division 1 level of athletics. I wanted to see what the major differences are and the advantages. Acting as the Head Certified Athletic Trainer at the high school setting performs the same duties as the collegiate setting but typically they can find themselves understaffed, under budget, and with time constrictions, not the ideal position for one person to work with roughly over 300 athletes. I finally walked through that red door into a clinic that only has room for one red treatment table, two ice machine crammed into the corner, and Mr. Capioca’s small yet packed desk right next to the doorway. He stood up to greet me with a firm handshake and welcomed me to his office, while wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a zip up sweater.
I began by making small talk with ...

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...n a situation.
Even with the harsh hours and increase demand of work I am still open to working at the high school setting. The drawbacks don’t outweigh the benefit of impacting someones life and still do what I love in the preventation and care of an athlete. I plan on applying for a high school rotation within the next year and a half I have left in the California State University, Fullerton Athletic Training Program to gain first hand expierence in the high school setting. I want to see all the cons of not having a full staff but I am up for the challenge and might be something I enjoy. The last word of advice I took away from him was that he told me to keep working hard and when it seems overwhelming to remind myself why I started this jouney in the first place. I know I will need to remind myself of my end goal but the journey will be worth it at the very end.

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