My Experience At Owensville High School Essay

My Experience At Owensville High School Essay

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On a hot and humid evening in May, my high school graduation took place, as scheduled. My graduation took place at Owensville High School (OHS) in Owensville, Missouri, about an hour and a half from St. Louis. The ceremony was inside of the gymnasium due to the rainy weather. I remember there were so many people that it was difficult not to bump into anyone. Because I was the first one of my siblings to walk across the graduation stage, I was proud and felt a keen sense of achievement, and I knew that my diploma would open doors for me.
I have two siblings, an older brother who is now twenty and a younger sister who is sixteen, but I was the first one to step across the graduation stage. My older brother did not walk across the stage because he decided he did not want to go to school and do his work, which caused him not to have enough credits. My younger sister is currently a junior in high school right now and presently waiting to graduate. One trait that made me different from my brother was I cared about graduating on time with my class and he did not. I took studying and going to school more seriously versus what he did. Even though I am the middle child of my family, I was still the first one to accomplish receiving my diploma.
The school colors of OHS, orange and black, were the chosen colors for the gowns. My gown was mostly black, but did have some orange on it. I celebrated by decorating my cap, which was a sparkly turquoise blue with my initials and graduating year in the middle. My tassel barely fit on my cap because I had so many jewels on there. My cap was so bright that it was hard for my family to miss me.
At my graduation ceremony, my principal, the assistant superintendent, and my class president all spoke. B...

... middle of paper ...

...ever been out of the country before and I had always wanted to go. I was very excited and appreciative of my gift. This gift is one I will definitely not forget and cannot wait to go back.
Lastly, my high school graduation is one day that I will never forget and will remember for the rest of my life. I loved having all of my friends and family there to support me on my special day. Some of them had to drive two hours to get there, but having them there meant a lot to me and I appreciated that. My graduation day was very important to me because I proved to myself that I did it, even though sometimes I really wanted to give up. Since I was the first one of my siblings to receive a diploma, I like to tell myself that I earned bragging rights. In the end, I am very proud of myself because I earned my high school diploma with all of the hard work and by not giving up.

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