My Experience At Ohio University Essay

My Experience At Ohio University Essay

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Coming into this year, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from college and my classes. So far my experience at Ohio University has been pretty great, I have meet some really great people that I could end up being friends for life. My learning community has to be probably one of my favorite classes, out of all of my other classes that I am taking. The classes that I’m currently taking during my freshman year is Math 1200, IArt 1170, Eng 1510, Anth 1010, and UC 1000. I really enjoy all of my classes currently except IArt 1170, something about that class just really rubs me the wrong way. It’s just not very interesting but I need to power through that. Other than that I really can’t complain too much.
One of the best things that I have learned since I’ve been at Ohio University would have to be working on my time management skills. This was something that I wasn’t always the best at during my time in high school. I would always be busy with something every day whether it be sports or hanging out with my friends. It seemed to me that I never had enough time to do my school work. When I started college I was really concerned with not having this skill, but ever since I’ve been here I have done a great job at managing my time, giving myself enough time to study, do my homework, and also chilling with all of my friends. I really do think having this skill in college is one of the most valuable things to have. I think this because in high school you don’t really have to much homework to do or if you do you always seem to have a ton of time to do it. For college it really changes, you have to do more work with less time to do it. It’s really something that if you don’t get used to fast, you risk falling behind and not being able to get o...

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...the business school, so I can try and get my degree in sports business administration. From what I’ve heard around campus people love this program, and it seems like the type of program that I would love to be involved in. Currently to get into the school of business I need to have a gpa of 2.75 at the end of the year. I also will need to have a minimum of 30 credit hours as well. As of right now all of my classes are going really well, I have high grades in all of them so things are looking good for the future. . I’m looking forward to next semester, I have a bunch of classes that I’m very excited for. For the next four years I hope that I can find a minor that I would love to be involved in. I hope that along the way that I can meet and get many new friends, within my major. And in the future get a job with a top organization in sports, that would be my dream job.

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