My Experience At Nebraska Methodist College ( Nmc ) Essay

My Experience At Nebraska Methodist College ( Nmc ) Essay

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Spirit of Caring
Throughout my experience at Nebraska Methodist College (NMC), I have been fortunate to gain experience to become a better educated citizen. The Core Values of Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning, and Respect have all been grounded into my philosophy as a nursing student in my treatment of others. I have been fortunate to meet diverse individuals in clinical situations, and supportive instructors and health care professionals throughout my time at NMC. I know that I have changed for the better as I have progressed through the BSN bachelor program.
Now as I have progressed into my last year of nursing school, I can clearly see that nursing is not a profession for anyone because nursing takes a long term commitment and devotion to the help of others. Not only is does NMC instill attitudes for professional development throughout the entire nursing curriculum, but also encourages personal growth. Professional attributes can be seen within professors, clinical instructors, and health care professionals on each of the clinicals. Each clinical experience that I have had was a learning opportunity that encouraged personal and professional expansion.
Year after year the nursing profession is still the most trusted profession in the nation. Moreover, the nursing profession has a very intimate relationship with their patients because nurses spend a considerable time with patients and their families in circumstances crisis. I have acquired the knowledge that a person should not be treated as their illness. Treating the illness or disease does not mean that one has resolved the issue. Without therapeutically communicating with patients and building rapport, patients are more likely to be readmitted. Therefore, holistic ca...

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...eel like a burden while in a clinical setting; I have felt that way before and promised myself that I would not make a student feel that way.
Furthermore after graduation, I will continue to using NMC core values as a nursing professional. These values have become a critical component of my nursing skills and will continue to advance as I develop into a more skilled nurse. Remaining involved with the NMC Alumni Association will allow me to progress into higher education in the future and stay connected with other graduates. I had a great experience on my orientation day with one of the alumna on my orientation day. During our volunteer experience, she had such a positive attitude and open personality that helped me feel welcomed and connect with other students. I hope that I can be a mentor for incoming students in the future as a part of the NMC Alumni Association.

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