My Experience At My Multi Million Dollar Bachelor Pad Essay

My Experience At My Multi Million Dollar Bachelor Pad Essay

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Five years from now I’ll be relaxing by the pool at my multi-million dollar bachelor pad. My butler, Cheeves, will be bringing me small plates of food upon my request and filling up my drink every five minutes. I will take a nice swim, a soak in the hot tub, and dry off with my specialty towel made out of hundred-dollar bills. After that I will take a private jet to meet with my financial advisor for dinner at the finest restaurant in New York. He will proceed to tell me how I am set for life and list off all the countries that I am richer than. I will ignore my private jet and check in to the fanciest hotel and order room service while bathing in a jacuzzi. Or at least I hope. As nice as that sounds I am quite uncertain about my future and am hoping to figure it out over the next few years.
I’ve had a pretty typical childhood for a middle class caucasian boy living in Forest Hills. No major traumas. No extreme accomplishments. That’s probably why I had such a tough time picking my college essay topic. As a child, I played sports with my friends, played video games with my brother, ...

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