My Experience At My Friend Essay

My Experience At My Friend Essay

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Have you ever been talking to someone and they just did not respond to you or your questions? I have performed an experiment over the recent days with some of my good friends.
I picked my friends because I feel like they know me better than anyone and would surely respond to my experiment with kinesics. In my experiment, I would just not respond to any of my friends as they were talking to me. After my experiment, I realized how frustrating it can be for someone if the person you are talking to does not respond. I found it more important to listen to what everyone has to say and give them your full attention. I believe this is something people of my generation struggle with because of technology.
I have been friends with the group of people I performed the experiment on since seventh grade. This let me know how well they really knew me by how they responded to my experiment. The experiment took place at a small get together for one of my friend’s twenty first birthday. We will all be in an apartment and probably hanging out watching a football game of some sort. There were five boys and three girls present in the apartment for the experiment. In the experiment, I let one of my friends start a conversation with me and as it would be my turn to respond or talk, I would simple not respond and shrug my shoulders.
I predict that the guys will notice the situation less and not be as concerned to as why I am not responding. I feel like it might take them longer to realize I am not even responding. I figure most of them will think I am sad or upset and just do not feel like talking. My guy friends are usually always concerned about my well-being and happiness so I feel like it will be hard to convince them I am...

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...concern on how I was feeling than if I was upset with her. It was obvious she was very concern if I was mad because she proceeded to try to find out in anyway what was going on. Once she started to ask around, I believe she made other people realize that something was going on. I am not sure how she believed I was mad but it may be because I usually tell her everything and when I did not respond she was probably incredibly shocked.
In conclusion, I found this project to be super entertaining. I was interested in every person’s reaction. It was hard to keep the experiment going at times and not laugh. This experiment helps me realize how important communication can be. It is easy to misunderstand actions and lets us realize how useful words can be to this world. It is interesting to take away something you use in your everyday life to do about all tasks.

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