Essay on My Experience At My Friend Davey 's House For A Bonfire

Essay on My Experience At My Friend Davey 's House For A Bonfire

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It was a warm Friday in September of 2013; the end of the week had finally come. However, this was not going to be just any ordinary Friday because I was going to my friend Davey’s house for a bonfire. I could have never dreamed that this day would end the way it did. But, after a several hour standoff occurring in the white colonial style house just one street down from mine, my exciting day planned ahead of me had ended.
My house was just a half mile down the road from Laurel Highlands High School, where I attended school. The neighborhood had always been the perfect place to grow up. It was filled with older couples, so there was never much excitement. All the neighbors were friendly and easy to get along with. It was always quiet with never any trouble occurring in the area. It seemed like a relatively safe place to live.
School was flying by. The day was almost over, and I had three more periods before I would ride the bus home and get ready for the fun night ahead. Since it was a warm, sunny day, our gym class had gone outside either to walk on the track or to play flag football. About half way through the period coach Buehner came sprinting down Mustang Drive and yelled, “Mr. Dunham, the kids need to come back up to the school.” I was talking to my friend Chad while heading off the football field and we were wondering if there was an activity planned. Otherwise, why did we have to head back to school halfway through the period? Walking up I passed Nick, one of my basketball teammates. He had early release so he was going to his car when coach Buehner saw him and said, “Nick, you have to come back to the school now I can’t let you leave.” After I heard that, I knew something was not right, but I would have never thoug...

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...he suspect had a hostage. Also, he was not making any contact with the police. My sister, Kelly, and I had been playing cards, scrabble, and watching the news when the reporter said the police are finally attempting to subdue the suspect.
It was nine o’clock when the police sent a robot and an armored vehicle with a battering ram to break down the door. The police were only inside the home for a little time, when they came out and pronounced the man dead. They said he killed himself. This nightmare was ultimately over, and I was extremely excited for the first time that day. I thought it was awesome how they used those machines to go into the home to avoid any injuries to themselves.
The time to return to home arrived. It was around 9:30 P.M, and this dreadful day was coming to an end. Although my day and plans had been ruined, I was thankful my family was safe.

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