My Experience At Mountain Pointe High School Essay

My Experience At Mountain Pointe High School Essay

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There were many decisions that I had to make while in school, some were good and some were bad, but I could not let the bad ones overweight my good ones. I was at Mountain Pointe High School for four year and I was the first generation of my family to complete and to graduate from high school. High school was a time in my live where I found out who my true friends are and experienced some of the most memorable events. There were times when I thought I was not going to make it and not be able to graduate with my class, but with hard work and dedication could achieve my four-year goal that made me who I am today.
When my senior year started in August of 2015, It felt like the weeks were passing by the hour. I remember I was sitting in my pre-calculus class doing homework with a couple of classmates when the principle made an announcement to remind the senior class to pick up their cap and gown during lunch. A rush of excited ran through my body knowing that in just a couple of months I am finally going to achieve my goal.
It was a Thursday morning on May of 2016, it was not just a typical Thursday morning, I have been out of school for a week now and this was the day that I finally get to walk onto the Mountain Pointe Football Field. I had been woken up by the sun rays beaming through my curtains, as if I have never seen light before. I slowly rolled out of my warm bed and dragged my tired body to the bathroom to perform my daily morning routine, shower, shave, and brush my teeth. I could feel my smile peeping out of me just thinking that today was going to be the day that I accomplish my biggest goal. Graduation wasn’t till seven o’ clock this afternoon, but I was ready to walk onto that field at eight in the morning. After enj...

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...e of the best accomplishments of my life because it has shaped who I am today. I could accomplish great things in family as the first generation. After graduation, it has made me open my eyes to the many wonders that is out there. It has mad made me gain independence in myself. I am now capable to accomplish any long-term goal that I put myself through because of this experience.
I am so blessed for everything that has happened to me throughout the years of my high school experience, good and bad. Since this experience, the happiest and most unforgettable journey of my life has come to an end. The memories, the laughter, and the friendships will always be stored in my heart. I am now attending Arizona State University majoring in criminal justice to achieve another memorable goal of mine. This isn’t the end, but it’s the start of a thrilling new chapter of my life.

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