My Experience At Home And School Essay

My Experience At Home And School Essay

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I’ve been discriminated my whole life by society because of my physical appearance. At home and school there was never an escape from the harsh words. Through my whole elementary and middle school years I was made fun of, for being overweight. My classmates would call me names such as, King Kong, pig, hippo and countless more. At home my family would joke around about my weight not knowing it would hurt my feelings. I’ve had plenty of experiences that have changed me both for the good and bad.
One specific day that I remember was in 7th grade. I got asked out from guy that I’ve been crushing on. At that time I couldn’t believe he liked me. Our relationship lasted about a month. One day I received a text from him breaking up with me, but he did not give me a reason why. Until the day I asked him. The boy laughed at my face and said the words that would haunt me for several years, “It was a bet I would never go out with a fat pig like you, who would?” From that day my self-esteem had hit rock bottom. I would compare myself to everyone. I started doing many unhealthy diets for example, ...

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