My Experience At Denny 's Essay

My Experience At Denny 's Essay

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After working another long day, I decided to eat across the road at Denny 's. I worked nude in my office with the door locked for the last hour. When I was ready to leave, I put on my mid-thigh length black cardigan and four inch clear stiletto heel mules, and walked there.

After I arrived, I noticed that it was mostly empty, and sat down at a table in the main area and ordered a coffee. As I was looking through the menu at food choices, I noticed two blokes arrived and chose a table within five metres of mine.

Shortly after, I decided to change into my sexy, mini black satin robe with a sheer lace back that shows I 'm nude underneath, so I went to the dunny. I felt very excited at the prospect of wearing my robe only in public, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt that people might know that I 'm nude underneath it.

I walked back to my table, and noticed people were watching me. I sat down again and removed my shoes so I was sitting there barefoot in just my robe. I undid the belt of my robe and let it fall open. My boobs were covered, but my cleavage was exposed. My pussy was exposed under the table, but that was my secret.

I noticed that the two blokes were glancing in my direction regularly as I continued reading the menu. I decided to move to the more intimate, darker lounge room. I wrapped my robe around myself, and tied it closed. I put my shoes back on, grabbed my backpack and the menu, and walked slowly past the two blokes.

There were three people sitting at the bar in the lounge, and four people were sitting in the booths. I sat in the booth in front of the plush toy claw vending machine. I removed my shoes and loosened the belt of my robe to expose my cleavage and most of my boobs. My nipples were...

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Gabriel is certain I 'm not wearing anything underneath my robe. I spread my legs and raised my knees. My feet were now up on my seat and I felt completely exposed. I covered my pussy with my hand and told them to both discretely look under the table if they wish to find out what I 'm wearing underneath.

Even though my hand still covered my pussy, Mats said, "yes, it 's visually obvious that you 're not wearing underwear." I responded, "you 're right, I 'm not." I lifted my hand for a split second to quickly flash my pussy, before covering myself again. "That 's enough, please both come back up now."

I lowered my knees and put my feet back on the floor. I briefly opened the top of my robe to quickly flash my boobs before covering them again. They were both complimentary, excited, surprised and intrigued by my exhibitionism. I felt wet from teasing them.

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