My Experience At Civil Hospital Essay

My Experience At Civil Hospital Essay

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The fondest memory of my childhood is sitting behind my little desk at my father’s clinic and from that special corner, witnessing the power of healing and countless real life miracles around me. I saw eyes whimpering in pain transition to relief within minutes. Even in a room full of illness, the emotional gratification from influencing lives permanently was overpowering. I felt deeply contented seeing the wave of comfort sweep across those patient’s faces. It kindled a strong desire in me to reach the receiving end of the boundless gratitude. A career in medicine would give me a chance to delve into the lives of individuals and mitigate their pain and suffering. My journey started in this doctor’s office and my choice of career was not merely by chance; I was simply born into it.
My clinical clerkships at Civil Hospital Karachi allowed me to absorb a rich diversity of patient experiences. It was my window into the world of medicine that appropriately translated my medical knowledge into solid clinical skills. Every patient encounter took me across unchartered territories of disease evaluation and gradually sculpted me into the physician that I dreamt to become. I developed the strength to take responsibility of human life with an attitude that combined professionalism with compassion. Seeing patients from varied socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds polished my communication skills and allowed me to grow in terms of confidence and maturity. Serving as the leader of my clinical group taught me to take initiative, coordinate as a team and share responsibilities in that capacity.
My passion for photography had naturally ingrained in me a heightened sense of observation. The skill of meticulously capturing details from behind the len...

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...pective of excelling as a well-informed caregiver. But the assiduous training that I witnessed in the United States had imbued a strong desire in me to pursue my residency training from the finest health care setups in the world.
I strive to advance my quest for excellence in a program that fuels my passion for internal medicine. My vision for the ideal situation for practicing medicine encompasses the ability to take care of my patients with complete commitment and improve their quality of life. I look forward to being a part of your program as it promises to enrich my abilities clinically and academically. I believe that it is not only my dedication, enthusiasm and accountability towards my profession; but also my ability to learn and accept new challenges that will enable me to become a finer clinician and will make me a valuable asset for your residency program.

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