My Experience At Cash Register Essay

My Experience At Cash Register Essay

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A couple of years ago, my family started a businesses of their own back in India. I never really care about business, but as a part of my personality, I like to try different things and step out of my comfort zone. I helped here and there, but I wasn’t doing anything major. One day on a weekend, our cashier at restaurant couldn’t come to the work due to illness, and since we just started our business, we didn’t hire many workers. My parents were out of town, and they needed someone trustworthy to handle the cash register, so they asked me if I will be able to handle it, and I answered by saying, if someone could teach me how to work the computer then I definitely could, and they believed in my confidence. I worked, and I loved it. Starting that day, I started to work more in the restaurant. I not only worked at cash register, I was waitressing, handling things in the kitchen, and also trying to understand the financial process as well. Starting those days, I was interested into learning more about this career and creating something of my own.

In order to get more information about this career path, I decided to ask somebody else who is in the same business as my family and get their opinions. Luckily one of my writing coaches in my English class helped me. He gave me his email, and I mailed him a couple of questions. His name is Nick Raushenbush. He majored in public policy at UC San Diego, and he got his BA. He was a former co-founder and managing director at Glass & Marker, co-founder at shogun and advisor at Santora Nakama etc. After my interview with Nick, I felt that entrepreneur is a great fit for my career path although it is a very risky and competitive market.

I personally believe that you don’t need to have certain ...

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...journey. I gained a lot of useful information about this career, and the most important that I learned is that you need to have a business acumen, and hustle until you reach your fullest potential. What I was most surprised that even though I knew how tough the market is. I didn’t knew it was so common, and competitive to the point where Nick wouldn’t recommend it to me even though he likes the job. Due to his statement, he motivated me to work harder, and hustle harder to get what I want because it is not going to be easy, and the fact that I have to do something creative, and extraordinary to run a successful business. I personally had such an informative interview with Nick, and I do hope to keep in touch with him. He did gave me his number, and his linkedin profile. Maybe in the future, I might get a job offer because of him, and he can be one of my weak ties.

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