My Experience At Aurora Hills Middle School Essay

My Experience At Aurora Hills Middle School Essay

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I was first starting 6 grade at aurora hills middle school, also known as a jail school for the lack of windows it held. Around this time, i entered a whole new world of experience. Six classes at once for 6 days, new area, new students and teachers. I revised my first phone. A flip phone. This was big for me. i felt as if i was a symbol showing that my parents now have more trust in me. The phone’s purpose was a sense of security to have to know their kid is safe. A backup so to say if something happen at the RTD.
Anyways, as my school was far, i need transportation support to get to and from school. My school schedule was after my parents time when they work. I had to take the RTD. This was critical part of my life , I 'm growing up too fast i thought. Setting an alarm for myself and heading out down 7 blocks to the bus stop. As any kid, Waking up early sucks.
In my case, I had to wake up even earlier to get the bus and make it to school on time. Waking up to my custom alarm tone of an electric beat, i get dress in my normal black or blue uniform shirt and typical jeans. Oh yeah...

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