My Experience At A Team Coach For A U12 Essay

My Experience At A Team Coach For A U12 Essay

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Everyone’s an expert at something, for some it may take years to discover exactly what that is. As for myself, it was when I was in the eighth grade when I found my calling. It all started when I was given the opportunity to be an assistant coach for a U12 (youth twelve) YMCA soccer team. Ever since this experience I’ve had a passion for coaching. Coaches are significant to soccer players because they help boost confidence, be role models. and have fun when you win or lose.
Have you ever had the experience of having the talk with your team and your coach, giving you the motivational talk before a finals game hoping to boost your confidence to win? Explaining that you guys were here for a reason to win a championship with all the hard word and dedication you put in with your team to get where you are. Proclaiming to the team that this win can be possible, the only thing stopping you from succeeding is yourself. A great quote that says it all is, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” (Noke). Coaches don’t expect their players to be winners all the time, they want them to enjoy the game, and have the passion even after a loss, knowing and saying they did their best. The quote doesn’t say who you really are in this matter, that 's your opinion to figure out what you want to be, the talent, or the hard work you put effort for. Staytons very own soccer coach Chris Shields, has been to the top, but as well as lost important games in his career coaching soccer.
Chris Shields showed in the past and present what it has to take to be a true role models to his players and to the soccer supporters. Coaching for more than thirteen years, he lead his soccer team to a state title in 2010 4A soccer, six time consecutive conferenc...

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...ce isn’t just for his enjoyment. Its to increase your strengths and weaknesses you have physically and mentally when it is put into a real scenario for a game. The outcome is at the end of the game when your with your team shaking the opponents hands giving your positive comments to them, even though they were your enemies for those long 90 minutes. It 's all about the fun soccer creates getting your teammates and coaches together as one holding the championship in the air knowing you won and had fun with everything.
Coaches will always be there for you, not just as players but as friend. They not only will teach how to how play the game, but wish to see the full outcome of yourself. You might know someone like Shields who has been a role model to yourself, might not be your coach, but someone else who wishes to see the success at the end when you hang those boots up.

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