My Experience At A Hotel Essay

My Experience At A Hotel Essay

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 I remember when I was signing up for online school, how nervous I was. I was nervous because I am a visual learner I was afraid of not grasping the cncept of what I could not see. Now, I am at week two and I find online learning to be interesting and flexible to my life. I am always busy between work, children, church, and extra activities. I have been working at a hotel now for a year and a half, and I love the environment. I enjoy meeting new people, getting to know the guest, and making the guest smile. On my journey working for the hotel business I have realized that it is also the employees that needs to be able to work professionally and to have a sense of passion for the work that they do. Being on the side of working for an employer I know what employees are wanting and as a becoming manager I would like to meet the needs and wants of the employees.
My support system has been so helpful and amazing, they go above and beyond to help me get through this new journey in my life. From helping with essays and papers to babysitting or jus simple words of encouragement. I have friends that I call when I begin to believe things are getting to be overwhelming and its the love and encouragement and a listening ear that I receive from them that helps me to keep pushing on with this new journey. My coworkers and I connect, it 's like they are my family away from home. Before I started my first week of class, one of the ladies here at my job was asking me about what all does online learning consist of and how it helps, after our conversation she requested for information the next day. At my job we are all starting a new journey of some kind so we take our experiences during the week and share them with one another and hearing about wh...

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... do not believe in wasting time, time waits for no one. So I try to ninety percent of the time have positive energy and work on my priorities and my goals.
My creative effective study space would be my kitchen area, I went through the activity "Developing A Schedule". That is where I found my effective study space, I chose the kitchen area because it states that it is good to have good lightening, open counter space for all of your materials and a healthy light snack. Since I help m son and i work on our homework together, we also eat a snack together as well it also creates a sense of family time for us. This will help me more to stay focus and not to procrastinate. My old study space was my bed and it is not difficult for me to go to sleep, a lot has to do with my iron blood coun being low. So I believe that this new study scenery will help me and motivate me more.

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