Essay on My Experience As The Facilitator

Essay on My Experience As The Facilitator

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My experience as the facilitator was at first never racking and hard to deal with. Therefore, my underlying goal was to focus on the here and now and how I would be able to utilize what I have learned in class. When we recorded the video in our class with Brittney we talk about the circle of casualty. In other words I was able to properly identify the patterns in her behavior when communicating with her husband, and how both fall into the same patterns and caused there to be and endless circle. Furthermore, I was able to use some of the language we talk about in class. For example “What I am picking up on is? “, “Is that correct?” and so for. By doing this she was able to provide me with a more in depth response to her conflicts.
Some other skills use was, when asking my client question, I made sure to use open ending question in order for the conversation to flow. By doing this she was able to speak freely about her emotions and how it have an impact on her relationship with others. In regards to our learning, I was able to utilize other technique mention in class. Meaning, using ...

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