Essay about My Experience As An Adult

Essay about My Experience As An Adult

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It has been many years since I went to the Museum Tolerance. I believe that my experience as an adult was so very different from when I went as an adolescent. As an adolescent I did not understand the ignorance and significance and the pure hatred that Germans felt towards a group of people, Jews, giving them permission to eliminate them as if their mere existence permitted it. Visiting the three areas of the museum, The Tolerance Center, The Holocaust, and Finding our families was so powerful, enlightening and educational.
The Holocaust section was so powerful. I walked away feeling so very sad that the Jewish History was comprised of such horror and hate, but also resiliency and hope. I do not think that I understood the true evil that Hitler’s regime self-imposed on the Jewish people. It is horrific to think and even consider the killing of thousands began with the thought that they were to blame for Germany’s economic hardships. I did not understand how not one country stood up and said this is wrong! As a nation we did not allow escapees into our countries, it was if no one acknowledged the horror, then it could not be real, nor would anyone need to step up to stop the unimaginable. I could not fathom how one man changed the mind of many. That men would sit around a table and talk about how, where and when they would eliminate thousands as if they were discussing the weather.
I could not help of thinking about the Milgram experiment, a study based on obedience to authority figures. The study was done at Yale University by the psychologist Stanley Milgram. The study assessed the willingness of men from various jobs and levels of education, to obey an authority figure who directed them to follow through with actions that co...

... middle of paper ... experience traveling to the U.S. from Italy. I do know that she was one of thirteen children and after her mother passed her father felt coming to America would offer him more opportunities for himself and his children.
Visiting the Museum of Tolerance gave me the opportunity to learn about a part of history that I did not realize was so much more than I thought. Reading about the Holocaust in books, learning briefly about in school did not have a lasting impression on me. Touring the Holocaust section was such a profound and humbling experience, as I listened to the stories, heard the history with such powerful images made such an impact. It makes one realize how hate stole a group of people’s rights, dignity and ultimately their lives, due to hatred, ignorance, and fear. The survivor’s stories are one of resiliency, courage, and hope, hope for a better tomorrow

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