My Experience After My Sophomore Year At Lbj Essay

My Experience After My Sophomore Year At Lbj Essay

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The problem was it never felt like it was getting any better; I still felt like the days were flipped around. I would wake up and feel that the night before was trying to keep the next day hostage. Even though it was nine in the morning, I still had the feeling I was shaking hands with the moon. I lived in the dark. The curtains were never really thrown all the way open. Ever since the beginning of high school, I didn 't quite fit in with those 'popular ' or 'jock ' crowds. It never really caught my attention as I had my own small group of close friends anyways. Well, I assumed I did. Having a hard time at home, I refused to believe all those who told me middle school friends would linger back there, especially because they were all I held close to my heart and the thought of being alone was terrifying.
During my sophomore year at LBJ, I met someone who soon then became greatly important to me. Every time we were together I 'd always think the universe decided that it was tired of being so immense it compressed all of its beauty, complexity, and wonder into a smaller form so it could make everyone around it feel like they were part of the stars. I know, "What would you know about love?" '. That was probably the question i 'd hear at least ten times a week. The problem was that I didnt KNOW it. I FELT it, and most didn 't believe me. Of course, not once was I taken seriously when speaking of these things so I disregarded other peoples ' opinions. Take notice I was mature for my age, but no one had taught me how to deal with feelings until he came around. About a year into the relationship, life was all butterflies and sunshine until I some situation involving a friend of mine and my partner came up about. Distraught by all thi...

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...r heard from him again. I passed all my classes and was one of the many people who graduated DAP. All those who saw me at my worst couldn 't take their eyes off me once I was at my best. Glancing at my diploma I feel really proud of myself for never losing that minuscule part inside me that had faith. It was at the times where I felt most alone that I told myself no one was there for me, when little did I know, love was sitting right beside me I just wasn 't listening. I now attend Laredo Comunity College in hopes that I grow not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I believe in myself, and once I finish with my courses I hope to study abroad in South Korea, keep moving forward from there, and take in anything that life has to hand me. At this point in my life I don 't really know many things about myself, but what I do know is that i 'm loved, completely.

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