My Epithany: The Realization that Honesty Is Most Important in a Friendship

My Epithany: The Realization that Honesty Is Most Important in a Friendship

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Everyone has an epiphany at least once in their lifetime, and most of the time those epiphanies bring a lot of change to follow. As someone who has experienced an epiphany before, my most known epiphany was when I realized that friends can be fantastic or down-right awful role models. Obviously, most people automatically assume that a new friend will be perfect and fun to be around. However, one must remember to always figure out a person’s true colors before sharing personal life details with them. Some may show trust and even sit and listen to relationship problems, but sometimes they just want to be nosy. One thing is, once they hear what they have been waiting to hear, and then they are history, and basically that friend who was pretending to be an honest friend. This epiphany changed my life for the better. Everyone will experience an epiphany, whether it is positive or negative, the main thing is, try to overcome it.

In the beginning, once I found that one friend I thought would always be there and never turn his back on me, had been my best friend since head start, but then took me for granted and did not even acknowledge my existence anymore. That one friend I trusted with everything in me, the one I told my problems to and got advice to fix them, had jolted my right in the back. He just disappeared and left me with nothing but memories of us being together. Those things that happened made me turn my back even though I viewed him as a true friend, even more, a brother. I could not even believe in the least bit that he would do this to me, but as time went on, I changed and kept asking myself if it is for the best to forget about it. Although I did not know why he did such a thing that would lead up to us not communicati...

... middle of paper ... thankful for this epiphany because it taught me how to get my life together and eliminate all the bad people and things in my life to have room for people that were actually going to help and be there under any circumstances.

In conclusion, this had been one of the epiphany’s that I experienced that changed my life for the better. Realizing my best friend was bad and influencing me to do bad things was not what I had wanted in a friendship. Like I said, the result of it almost came down to me getting sent away for doing what I was doing. A best friend will not only stick by you, but they will accept you no matter what you want in life. Never trust someone that tries to make you do harmful things. If a slight idea comes across that a best friend is being bogus, think it all through and find out before it goes way too far, and causes a negative impact on life.

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