Essay on My Educational Philosophy Is Not For The Weak

Essay on My Educational Philosophy Is Not For The Weak

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My educational philosophy is not for the weak, it is for the determined. Teachers who want their students to believe that they can achieve greatness.

I used to see the world in black and white, when I was in preschool after I suffered a head trauma, I was diagnosed with an auditory processing disorder. In a quick summary, it means that my ears and brain don’t connect and process information together in a way that people see as ‘normal’. I never categorised myself as being different, I never let it stop me and honestly I never will. “People see themselves as constantly being made or developed” (Holmes, Hughes & Julian (2012) p. 225), so like my own personal development, my educational philosophy will be changing and evolving with me as I take the leap of faith in becoming a secondary educator.

I am an advocate for knowing first hand that none of my students are going to be the same. We do not live in a homogenous world, and frankly why would we want to? We are all different and because of these differences that are what makes us all unique. Because none of our students are identical, they will need to take alternative paths, some longer than others, but if these paths are taken strong heartily and willingly we can teach students that they can achieve almost anything they set their minds to. That’s what I stand for and that’s what I represent.

My view on teaching is that every child should be given the full education that they are entitled too. I believe in equitable access to the curriculum for all so that we can push out the values of functionalism and embrace post-structuralism by allowing all students from every class and society, the right to the educational programs they deserve. We as future educators also need to deve...

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...rences mainly consist of their social class, culture, ethnic background and the type of families they originate from. Not students will come from a nuclear family, just like not all children are going to be accepted by their peers because of the few cultural differences that we have. I aim to embrace diversity in my classes, by informing my students of the different backgrounds that we have and promoting my students to accept the individualism that each one of us possesses.

I used to see the world in black and white, but that was before I realised that my development was in my own hands. If I worked hard, believed harder, never gave up and not let my limitations define me, I started to see colour. I want to bring out the colour in my students, so they can see that the world is changing from traditional to transformative and that their potential is truly up to them.

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