My Educational Philosophy, Including Behavioral Theories Essay

My Educational Philosophy, Including Behavioral Theories Essay

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When looking at my teaching philosophy and how I want students to learn in my classroom it becomes very apparent that to achieve success I need to utilise effective behaviour management strategies and create a classroom community. If there is a climate of trust and respect within the classroom, students are more likely to uphold the class expectations and complete what they have been asked to do (Blance, 2003). To create a classroom where students trust and respect each other I will look at how Glasser’s Choice Theory (1998) and total behaviour can be used to minimise behavioural disturbances and promote self management. I will also look at how behaviour and learning are connected and how building relationships cam help promote internal control.
I believe it is important that at the start of the new school year the teacher sets up a collegial classroom to maximise learning outcomes. In my classroom I want children to engage with the lessons, I want them to feel happy and therefore, want to be in my class. I want students to see the learning as relevant and have the opportunity to reflect and evaluate their work so they can extend themselves further. I want to teach students to take responsibility for their behaviour and teach them to use self-control, and self management skills through being a lead manager (Blance, 2010). I believe it is important to have a major focus on social learning outcomes and give students the opportunity to gain skills to get along together. Ways I will try and attain these goals are extended upon in the following paragraphs.
Choice Theory
One behavioural theory which I believe is beneficial in the classroom is Glasser’s Choice Theory and our five basic needs (1998). This psychological model explai...

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