My Educational Journey Has Been Overall A Very Good Journey Essay

My Educational Journey Has Been Overall A Very Good Journey Essay

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My educational Journey has been overall a very good journey. My early elementary school years I felt was the strongest. I went to school where the majority of the student population were white. I never felt as though the teachers were giving me different treatment because I was African-American. I never felt as thou I was the child that everyone wanted to save because of my skin color. Not once did I ever feel out of place from my teachers. I will admit that I struggled with self-identity due to the fact I was not around children of my own race. When I was in third grade I started to identify with my race more because I started a new school that had more of a mixed population. I remember having all the necessary resources needed to learn and being exposed to many different things and projects. The main focus was not testing but genuinely teachers teaching to give us the proper skills needed to continue to be successful as I moved from grade to grade. When I moved to Maryland in fifth grade, I saw a difference in schools from where I was coming from to where I was attending school n...

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