My Education Is Always Associated With The Dream Essay

My Education Is Always Associated With The Dream Essay

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For me continuing my education was always associated with the dream. I am native of a small country Pakistan where getting education for the girls is very difficult. Society looks at girl education as not right because they should always stay at home. Things changed when my mother took a first step in my family to make my way towards education. She doesn’t want me to stay at home, and end up like other girls. She wants me to be independent make a difference. She wants me to live my dream not the one society wants me to live.
I always wanted to do my best in my studies. Despite of all the hardships I never got distracted from my goals. I still remember when I was back in my country, everyone around me was not much educated. I always felt a deep urge inside me to make a change in my surroundings. When I started my education, biology was always so interesting for me. As I was growing up I felt the health system in my country was unfortunately very poor. That was the time when I decided I want to become a doctor. For me that was the only way to help my people and make change a positive change.
With the passage of time in Pakistan, as I was getting closer to my goal, to get into the medical school. But my circumstances didn’t help me, and all my family had to move to the United States of America. After moving to the states I got a chance to know myself. To become more than I expect from my skills. My attitude towards studies prepares me to accept challenges regarding my educational career.
Despite the all fact, that English is my second language I applied to the Mount Wachusetts Community College, after one month arrival in to the States. I had to face all the difficulties that any immigrant had to face. The biggest problem was the...

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...f leadership work shop. The academy taught me a lot about leadership skills.
I spend days and nights to do well in my courses. After 6 months it was the time to get rewards of my hard work. I got STEM scholarship in the beginning of my first semester. That was the step towards my journey. Even though I had great difficulty in memorizing notes, and understanding my instructors, but I still enjoyed STEM summer academy. MWCC has greatly contributed to my confidence towards my studies. The college not only gives me clear vision about my goal but also improves my skill. I am blessed I am student of MWCC. I believe in hard work. If someone has courage and motivation no one can stop them from making a difference in the world. Even though I did not had enough resources in my country, I never gave up on my career goals. I have firm believe that one day I will make MWCC proud.

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