My Education Beliefs Of Education Essay

My Education Beliefs Of Education Essay

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My Education Beliefs:
One of my education beliefs I hold of education is that I want to make learning interactive to the students. This is important to because I feel like students learn the best by doing. When I was in 8th grade my History teacher split the classroom so it was The Confederates versus The Union. By acting out and pretending we were able to be the people we were learning about and better process the information, therefore able to learn better. Another belief I hold about learning is that it should be engaging and fun. When students are more engaged in the learning then they attended to the information. In my CT classroom she did a bug unit and all the students were engaged in what stage all the bugs were in because they were able to be engaged in the unit and have fun during it. My other beliefs of education is that learning should be applicable to life. This is important because you are able to see what you are learning about happen right in front of you. In 6th grade we went on a field trip and were able to dissect owl pellets. At this time we were learning about w...

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