Essay on My Education At A Graduate Level

Essay on My Education At A Graduate Level

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From a very young age, I have always wanted to pursue a career in a helping profession in order to better the lives of others in some way. I entered into university with certainty that psychology was the right field and that I wanted to pursue my education at a graduate level. As I advanced further in my studies, I began to consider various graduate programs such as, clinical psychology, developmental psychology and educational psychology. However, I did not feel as though a career in one of those domains would offer me with the sense of fulfillment I was looking for. In essence, school psychology is exactly what I want. It embraces all the core features I am looking for in a career and is in line with my interests. School psychologists play such a fundamental role in the educational system as they deliver evidence-based practice and provide essential services to assure that children receive a high-quality education. I continue to have an interest in wanting to help others improve their mental health, well-being and ability to learn. Everyone deserves a chance for academic success, regardless a students’ condition or adversity.
My newfound interest in school psychology can be attributed in part to my involvement working with preschool aged children. This past summer, I was employed as an Early Childhood Educator Assistant in a French daycare. This opportunity confirmed my desire to work with children. The organization, le Jardin des Petits believes in positive interactions among staff, parents and children, active learning, exploration and cultural acceptance. As an early childhood educator assistant, I was able to put into practice my academic knowledge of child development, behavioural management, and psychopathology. Moreover, ...

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...ics for success in this profession. I would represent the institution with integrity and maintain its high standard of education. As evidenced by prior work experience, I have proven to carry myself with the utmost professionalism. Additionally, I am able to proficiently communicate in English and French which I feel is an advantage. I would love to continue my studies in Nova Scotia and have intentions to return to my rural community of Yarmouth once I have completed the program. The Conseil scolaire Acadien provincial (CSAP) is in great need of a school psychologist. If accepted into the program, I will have the opportunity to return to Yarmouth and offer my expertise to the CSAP as I am a candidate for a pre-employment scholarship. For more information on this opportunity, you can contact Normand DeCelles by phone at (902)226-5232 or by email at

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