Essay about My Ecological Footprint And The Environment

Essay about My Ecological Footprint And The Environment

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Every day the world around us is changing ever so slightly in many different ways. Humans can affect the environment through our day to day lifestyle without even noticing the change. An ecological footprint is a measurement of how much a person uses the environment around them to live their life. This given measurement can help one to see their impact on the earth. It is an important tool to understand what actually a human does to change the habitat near them. My ecological footprint results gave me a perspective of how my daily life can impact the world I live in, as well as, how I as an individual can change my actions to make less waste on earth. It is also useful for each person to know their own ecological footprint since no one live or has the same life as another person. The tool is able to analyze every human’s distinct way of living and give them a result that fits them.
When I looked at my ecological footprint I can see and understand that I affect the physical environment near me. The way I live compared to a few classmates of mine, I have the most impact on the earth. As well as compared to my whole class I would say that I change the environment more than an average person would. For example my total footprint according to the ecological footprint quiz I took is about 28 acres. With the results that it had given me I suspect that my actions of using a lot of services and the way I use my transportation, are the most impactful way I affect the earth. The reason my mobility on the quiz is one of the highest percentages from the categories is because I drive a good amount, and on top of that I have truck that does not get good gas mileage which in results give off more emissions to pollute the air. I was not surprised...

... middle of paper ..., we all have a similar definition when comparing. Also our results are alike in percentage of the categories, but only mine and two others are similar in total footprint and CO2 production. The third classmates I receive data from had a significantly less about compared to the rest of us in total footprint, CO2 production, and number of plants needed. With our own individual life we all had different ways to help reduce our footprint with the various categories. In comparison to myself with total footprint to my whole class I am one of the highest amounts, so I think the changes I can make to my life would defiantly lower my footprint. In my CO2 production level I am also with the students with higher amounts than average compared to my whole class. Overall everyone should understand their own footprint and try to reduce it for the future generations to live here.

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