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My earliest memory of reading comes from my K-3 class where we read simple little books at our desks with small sentences like “The horse is large” or “The chicken is red.” They were for us to practice recognizing our colors, animals and sizes. Now I know sitting in a classroom reading is not what every three-year-old was doing, but it was a Christian private school named Bethel Christian Academy that prided themselves on their early readers who would eventually grow up to skip grades and send their children to the same school in the future. My parents are big on education, so they did whatever they thought would help us advance in school, including buying the bible on CD and playing it every night while we slept. During the summer, my mother would have us all sit at the table and read a book after breakfast. When my siblings and I finished the book, she assigned a summary for each of us to complete before we were permitted to play outside. It sounds like punishment, but I do believe that the summer reading assignments and the praise I received for doing well is what fostered my voracious reading appetite very early on. Our city library also had themed days packed with activities centered around books and movies. My mom would let us pick which days we were interested in, and she would take us to the library to participate. I remember the librarians offering snacks while we read or were being read to. When we were old enough to show that we could be responsible for a library card and the books we checked out, our mom signed all three of us up for one, promising us that we would have to pay our own fines if we lost or damaged the books, so naturally my younger siblings were not allowed to touch my books ever.
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... be this kind of woman, but she challenged his archaic mindset every chance she got. Not only did she stand up to her lover, but she also stood up to her boss when asked her to cut a birthday cake, that was not hers, and serve it to the men in the office (Adichie 526). By this time, the narrator had become increasingly resentful toward the men around her for assuming she should do the things that women are expected to do, and accept being ignored when her opinion was the opposite of theirs. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an inspirational, strong African woman, who makes her progressive views very clear whether they are incorporated in her writings ,or her public speaking engagements. I admire women like Adichie, who are blazing the trail for younger progressive women to come along behind them and continue to promote the equality of women in societies all over the world.

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