My Dream Job Is A Successful Software Engineer Essay

My Dream Job Is A Successful Software Engineer Essay

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Most people imagine their dream job is to become a famous actor or a job they have seen done many times. Though because of the progression of technology I would be more suited in a field involving computers. My dream job is to become a successful software engineer because I have always been into computer systems, but can I fit this job, is the career life something I can manage and what opportunities should I go after when becoming a software engineer. Each time I notice how a program is used I wonder how can I make it become faster or more efficient. When you are using your cell phone or iPad there is usually an update at every month. This is because apple is improving the speed of your applications. A software engineer is sometimes overlooked, but without software engineer’s applications would either crash or would not improve. Although most people may feel looking at a computer all day and trying to fix it is uninteresting, I find it challenging because I’m creating something of my own. While I do socialize and can work well with the general public I myself like to be behind a computer or video game system looking at the coding.
Can I meet the criteria of a software engineer? Everyday in school studying computers I start the doubt myself, but then I realize not everyone is perfect and I have a few years before I reach my goal. As I was looking up what it is to be a software engineer, I came across a test about how I would do if I were to go into this field. The results came after 10 questions and showed I would fair in this field (McKay, D.). After seeing these results, though my weaknesses were still nagging in the back of my mind. My first weakness is being a perfectionist simply because my mother has always been to me perfe...

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...e correct place might cause me to work on days I am off. Even though it may challenge me, my career life may be hard times and the opportunities I may have to compete against others, I believe I am sure this is the job I want do pursue during my college years. Software engineering is a complex field that can be confused at times with other computer jobs, but it is a job I feel will challenge my weaknesses and help me to become more acquainted with computers. This career may be difficult to obtain because of the other candidates I may face, but I know I can show I am passionate and willing to give an abundance of my time to anyone who is willing to hire me. My fear is I won 't be good enough for this job, but I feel that as I grow and start to learn more coding or other classes to broaden my skills in the software field I may start to feel more confident in myself.

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