My Dream Is Becoming A Primary School Teacher Essays

My Dream Is Becoming A Primary School Teacher Essays

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My only dream is to become a primary school teacher.
Am a friendly and a hard working individual who does what it takes to pursue her ultimate dreams. I believe that to become an outstandarding teacher, you have to have the desire to want to make a positive impact on a child’s life opportunity. I have a fondness for children and believe what they start to understand and develop during primary school is what sticks with them for the rest of their life, whether is the National Curriculum, a trip to the museum or just a year class moment. This helps the children to grow up early into mature young people, mentally, physical and emotionally. What inspires me till now is how I still remember the teachers that gained the respect of their class, this way me, my friends and all generations are able to learn while enjoying their primary school period. My goal is to become ‘the excellent’ role model for the up-coming generations.
I like the idea of having to hold the responsibility over a set of children’s, observing them progress over a year.

At a primary school, I was shadowing a year2 ...

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