Essay about My Dream Is A Law Enforcement Officer

Essay about My Dream Is A Law Enforcement Officer

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My dream is to be a law enforcement officer, but in order to reach my goal I have to pass through a difficult process. This first step and the most difficult for me, it’s obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. The process of obtaining a BA is difficult because as a fulltime worker, it’s difficult to balance assignments and night shifts. The life of a college students is difficult because sometimes I feel a lot of pressure in doing well in both aspects. In one side, work is crucial in obtaining economy so pay for the university and to provide the basic life necessities. Sometimes, being a daughter of Hispanic parents, makes it even harder. My parents believe that work is more important than school. But, what they only see a present economic reward. It is difficult for me to balance school, work, lack of support and economic hardship during this college years.
The second aspect that will help me to reach my goal is getting a good physical shape. The law enforcement agencies require to pass a physical test that consists in having a appropriate weight that consist with the individual’s height. Moreover, the training requires candidates to do __ pushups, __ sit-ups, and to run _ mile in _ minutes. This task is definitely a challenge that I have to overcome. The key to reach this goal, is to maintain a healthy diet by balancing the number of proteins and calories in food. This part of the process of pursuing my goal is a difficult task to complete because being a broke college students, I am usually tempted by buy easy, cheap, junk food. I need to start balancing the daily time available to do physical workout. Since I am a junior, I have to start working out in order to obtain the physical shape required by the law enforce...

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...The exam requires candidates to pass several questions related into the criminal justice process. I have to study in order to enhance my knowledge in psychology, sociology and criminal justice. The fourth aspect is to obtain the handgun license, the license requires several hours of shooting training and safety requirements. The fifth aspect is to pass the polygraph, drug and background check. I have to continue being careful with the decisions that I made because a police officer serves as an example to the community. The last step in order to reach my goal is to get accepted into the police academy. I still have to overcome many obstacles into my life, but I am confident that in a close future I will reach my goal. I will put the 100% effort in every factor required to reach my goal, and hopefully in a future I can come back and write in this essay goal completed.

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