My Diet Of The Food Tracker Essay

My Diet Of The Food Tracker Essay

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Normally I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking about diet; hence even my eating habits. By using the food tracker, I was able to see how bad or how good my diet is currently. I learned that even though my calorie intake is low, there wasn’t much nutrients going into my body. In fact, the food tracker showed all the problems with my diet and how I should address them. I need to maintain a healthy diet to stay healthy and keep myself immune from diseases. After all, a lot of deaths today are because of poor diets and not enough nutrients going into the body.

According to the food tracker, my diet contained weaknesses and strengths; my weaknesses outweighed my strengths. Since I change up what I eat every day, my intake of nutrients varies each time. For instance, the first day of inputting my data into the tracker claimed I was under the amount of dairy and protein foods. Although I was lacking in those two sections, my intake of fruits and grains were okay; there was an exception of going the target amount of vegetables though. So I took that into consideration, and on the second day I managed to get the required amount of dairy and protein foods. The only problem this day was I lacked grains and vegetables. I became so focused with my dairy and protein foods, that I overlooked the needed amount of vegetables and grains. In fact, I found myself overeating fruits instead of splitting it into the other two categories. In my mind, I thought that the third day would be easy, especially because I know what to eat. On the third day, the tracker claimed I went under the require amount for grains and dairy; instead I overate protein foods and vegetables. Although there’s a variety of foods in my diet, I think I should know how to split eve...

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...nts required; I just need to be cautious when selecting my choices.

By using the Super Tracker, I was able to understand my diet and learn all the problems with it. To me, the results were acceptable and I enjoyed seeing a breakdown of what I ate throughout the three days. As of now, I would rate my diet okay because I’m eating the right types of food, just not in the right amounts. I think eating in the right amounts is the most important change because according to the nutrients report, I managed to meet almost each criterion. The website helped me understand even “good” or “healthy” food may contain nutrients nonessential to my diet. Not only that, I’m going to start implementing the tracker for everything I eat because it’s easy to use and easy to understand. By doing this assignment, I learned that a proper diet is essential to providing my body what it needs.

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