Essay on My Desire for Rats

Essay on My Desire for Rats

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I always hate when you’re invites to parties where you’re the only kid or individual under the age of thirty and over the age of ten. Why, do people invite kids, knowing full well they’ll be bored stiff? Occasionally, they provide some form of lackluster entertainment, but these folks are far and few in between.
Stacy Mossbrucker invited us to a summer party of some kind in August of 2004. The party was all ladies and children under the age of four. The usual scenario played out: with nothing to do I shadowed the ladies and was told to go away and find something to do. Dejected, I went and sat on the mocha brown suede couch just out off sight and watched the orange sun sink below the trees.
My trick didn’t fool Stacy would had a daughter my age. She came out and gently told me that Lexi wouldn’t mind if I went in her room while she was at her dad’s house.
I tromped down the stairs with low expectations not knowing it would change my life. I opened the door and slouched in. That’s when I saw them; Stacy had said I could take them out. As soon as the door opened two fluffy peach colored things crowded the door out their cage and began clamoring to be let out. They shook the latch with grabby pink hands.
I stared in awe for a moment. They reminded me of two furry cream-sickles. I had never seen anything more adorable. Their pink noses twitched and quivered as they analyzed the newcomer in their realm. I slid open the latch and lifted them from their cage to Lexi’s bed. They were incredibly soft. Their fur was about half an inch long and shining. I’ve felt few animals this silky. I then took a yogurt treat from the bag beside the cage. From the second the bravest took the drop from my hand I knew I wanted some for my own.

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.... He lifted two slender animals into the cardboard carry home box that was shaped like a house. The little things were black and white. They were the hooded variety. Their heads were black and a stripe ran along their spine.
Evan returned and handed me the box with a kind smile.
“Congratulations on the new addition to your family.”
I was silent with happiness as I went to the register to pay. I made it a point to use my own money. That way these would truly be my pets. They cost me six dollars. Those were the best six dollars I’ve ever spent. I still have the receipt somewhere.
I finally had of my own! If you hadn’t guessed already, they were my rats. They were mine to love. These new fuzzy animals were mine. I had two of the best companions ever. The whole ride home I clutched the box tight. Those six week old rats became Calvin and Hobbes. I loved my new rats.

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