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My Day With My Friend Essay example

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Last weekend I spent my day with my friend named Mathew. I’ve known Mathew since freshmen year, we became close middle of the year. His a good friend of mine, he seems nice, quiet, and it seems like he has a happy family. But getting to know him more and more, I found out a lot of things about him. Furthermore, Mathew is that type of person who has a lot of dreams and goals that he wants to accomplish. And one of his goals is to finish high school but he has some problems with that. He is always distracted with his other friends, some of his friends told him to don’t worry about school because school is not important for them. Mathew thought right away, that he picked some bad people as a friend. Mathew didn’t really care at first though because he thought they were just playing around, and he hang out with them a lot of times. Mathew soon realized that his hanging out with some bad influence people. His friends thought him how to lie to his parents, and thought him how to be disrespectful and most of all they thought him a lot of bad things.
First, Mathew moved schools, he moved to my school and I had one class with him. He sat next to me in math class. He was so quite the first week, you wouldn’t probably hear or see him talk to anyone in that class. Second week of class I decided to talk to him, I helped him around in math and help him with some things he didn’t know. Middle of the year I got to know him better, we both opened up with each other. He told me about his life which was so scary, he told me about his family and friends. He told me why he moved school. The reason why he moved schools was because of his old friends, he also had problems with the teachers and he didn’t like his classes there. Mathew decided to move t...

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...pened to me because it made me grew and I learned from my own mistakes. I realized that I should not trust anyone right away and that I should be thankful for what I have.”
Lastly, Mathew is doing great, he still write about his life the only difference is that now he writes it in his journal not in just a piece of paper. He still loves to rap that he wrote. Mathew and his mom is now ok, they both trust each other now. His respecting his mom’s rules, now he opens up his problems with his mom. His doing great in school. He did graduate high school like he planned. Now he has a job and he goes to college. He had one advice to some teenager is that “you should do your best and not ruin your life and listen to your parents. Don’t do bad stuff, just stay focus in school. And try to achieve your goals and dreams.” I’m glad I met Mathew, I learned a lot of things from him.

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