Essay on My Day Of Journalism Class

Essay on My Day Of Journalism Class

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As I walked into Journalism, the first elective English class of my high school career, my intentions were to add “newspaper” as an activity to my college applications, and maybe to improve my writing so I would increase my score on the SATs. To my surprise, I gained more insight than I expected. Receiving scores between seventy-five and eighty-five percent on essentially all of my papers irritated me at the time, but made me a better writer in the long run, but most importantly, the dynamic of the class forced me to gain better social skills.
On the first day of Journalism class, I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, but when the teacher announced that the highest grade she ever awarded a student was a ninety-percent I was sure I was doomed. I looked around and realized I was surrounded by students in the top ten-percent of the class, which was not the case for me and about five other classmates. The editor delegated three articles to each student, which seemed fairly straightforward. My blonde, tiny, yet feisty teacher, Mrs. Svetec, then explained the criteria for a newspaper article. Active present tense was obvious, these were newspaper articles after all, and this was all the English department in my high school allowed since freshman year anyway, so I was comfortable with it. I brainstormed and had a decent idea of what I would write my first set of articles about. Then Mrs. Svetec belts out, “Do not forget, every article is required to have three quotes from different students along with a picture from the event.” Being an introverted, shy junior in high school, going up to strangers to ask for quotes—essentially a favor, in my opinion, was not something I anticipated when I signed up for this course.
My high s...

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...larly sticks out in my head. When I signed up for this course, I expected to become a better writer, and to my surprise I became more an overall more outgoing and confident individual as the class progressed.
Of the many headaches, hours of homework, attendance of school events that did not interest me, and approaching of perfect strangers for quotations, I hate to give my dreaded Journalism class too much credit. Although it was more aggravating than I anticipated, to class I owe the transformation of a shy, introverted girl to a more confident version of that same shy, introverted girl. This class showed me that education is not only valuable on an intellectual level, but also a personal level. Naturally, this class did not cause me to have some sort of epiphany or life-changing change of personality, but it did teach me to be more social and outgoing nonetheless.

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