My Day Of First Grade Essay

My Day Of First Grade Essay

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When I was young my life didn 't start like other kids. I was brought up in a shack deep in the Colombia’s dark jungles. My family didn 't have much opportunity to go to school due to the lack of money. When my parents had pass away I was put into an orphanage and was able to go to school. I was to old to be placed in kindergarten so they just put me in first grade. Had no clue what school was or what it would be like?

First day of first grade was announced on the speaker of my orphanage. I was so scared to go because I didn 't know what it was like to be in a different building than the orphanage. School sounded so scary I hid in the laundry room and it took half the morning for the staff to find me. That didn 't stop me from going, I refused to put on the uniform that was required for school. Somehow they got me to the front doors of the school, I walked in and there so much vibrant colors around the walls, doors, and windows. I was finally exposed to a new learning experience.
A lot happen my first year of my education career. Such as, the field trips we took. My first field trip was to a decomposing company. We learned how worms and the environment decompose different minerals. The place smelled so bad we had to wear masks. There were pyramids of trash every where, then they would cover the trash with a layer of dirt and worms. I remember looking at the worm 's squirming and sliding through the trash.
After that field trip we went back the school and made crafts. One of the students were making a bow n arrow made out of pencils and rubber bands. This brilliant kid desiced he wanted to test out his creation and pulled back the pencil and launch it across the room. The pencil directly hit my in my eye, before I know it I 'm...

... middle of paper ... and it seem like the underclass were servants.When I was young, I remember at soccer practice the underclass would have to clean up after, it felt so good. 8th grade was such an exciting year, this year I had won the portage county soap box derby and had later went to the all american nation race. I was on the cover of papers and tv.
I was also one of the captain for crestwood’s soccer team in 8th grade, I remember one game. It was one of our last game and raining and cloudy. The rain was coming down like bombs hitting against the mud. We tried to play but it was difficult to run and pass the ball. The ball would stop if hit the water so you had to kick the high for it to travel to the other team mate. It was a hard game but at the second half of the game I scored a goal and my team won the game. After soccer season ended I was looking forward to high school.

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