My Day Is A Normal Day Essay

My Day Is A Normal Day Essay

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I thought my day would just be a normal day, but by the end it was different. The day started off as a normal day, going to school, learning new things. Then the end of the school day came, all of us leave. I got in the car that my brother was driving, it felt like how everyday felt.We were just going home, than we turned onto a street that my brother takes a lot. All of a sudden we got hit by another car. I didn’t know what happened, and then I looked at my brother’s face and we both start to scream and cry.
I didn’t know if I or my brother were going to die, or if the other guy was okay. My brother opened his door as fast as he could, he told me as I start to open my door that everything is going to be okay and that help will be here soon. As I put one of my legs out of the car I noticed there was something wrong with my foot. I couldn’t get enough energy to get myself out of the car. So I had Eric help me. As Eric stopped a car for help the two girls came running for me. They asked me “Are you okay? What hurts? Help is almost here” As I calmed myself down to be able to tell the two girls what happened I heard Eric scream and then start to cry. They ran to Eric caused they didn’t know if he was okay or not. Then they asked us if we called our parents but we lost our phones, so then Eric got handed one of the girl 's phone. Eric said to my dad “ Dad I crashed i 'm okay but I don’t know if Meghan is,” Hearing that from my brother just broke my heart.

Finally I heard the ambulance sirens and police sirens I was so happy. When 4 paramedics came running to me I was scared but I knew that they were going to help me and make sure that I’m okay. When they put me on my back and put head and heck pads around me I was so scared that s...

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...ght I’ve realized that all the people that I judge are becoming my friends and are helping me out a lot.
When I got told that I can go back to school a week later, some kids in my class came running to me so they could help me get everything, and everywhere I needed to go. My lesson that I am learning from this whole situation that has or is happening to me is that if this crash didn’t happen then how would I know who would be here for me, or I would be still judging all the people I did judge from before. And It’s important to not judge or else lots of people are going to start judging you or start being mean to you. And having friends there by my side when I need all the help or strength that I need is making me a stronger person that I was before. So being in a bad situation is bad but you will always have a friend or some people all by your side to help you out.

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