My Day At The Classroom Essay

My Day At The Classroom Essay

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My day in the classroom this week was quite invigorating. When I walked into the classroom today, my CT told me that she would let me do the shared reading during literacy block to help get me comfortable talking in front of the whole class. I was a little nervous but excited when she asked me. I had performed shared readings in front of other college students but never in front of children which made me a little nervous, even thought I had been working with them for over 38 hours. Yet, when the occasion arose I sat in the front of the classroom with all of the students on the rug to read a book about moose facts.
I began by showing the children the cover page of the book then asked them what the book would be about do to the picture on the cover page. A few students rose their hand so I called on one student for the answer. He correctly answered me by telling me that the book is all about moose. I told him yes you are right, because we can look at the title of the book and the cover picture to see that the book would be about moose. I continued to read while stopping to ask childre...

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