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My Day At My Head Essay

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I swore off talking during middle school not because I didn’t speak the the language but because I felt like no matter what I said no one was day in the end of the school day I was in line to go in the school bus. the other student and i was walking down the stairs and when it was my turn to go inside the bus one of the student that was behind me tripped me and I felled to the ground but i got up. i had always sit to the front of the bus because of all the kids that made fun of me always set in the back and the middle of the bus.I guess that day wasn 't my day because once i got myself up again i enter the bus all the sit in the front was taken so i went to sit to in the back of bus ad there was two girls who sat behind me that day. i don’t know what happen or who did it but someone hit me in the middle of my head. I turned my head around, i tried to ask them who had done that to me but I stumble, i sounded more like a scare little girl. when the bus got to my stop i got out and ran inside my house and lock myself up in my bedroom;buried my face in my pillow and let the sorrow take the afternoon when i was doing my homework i told my family about what happen in the bus and we laughed and made jokes about it and that it. nobody tried to help me or tried to show me that it all going to be okay. so the next day i went to school and told my teacher. she pretend to fall it through but she did nothing about it so nothing had happened to those kid who hit me in the middle of my head for no reason, and they kept on doing that to me over and over . I was in lot of pain , a lot of emotion that I didn’t know what to do with it.

In the eighth grade my teacher started to give us writing class and every mornin...

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...”’ I didn’t understand at first but soon I did . I write the same way I was talking in my country with freedom. I never thought writing could be so meaningful. I think that worlds are powerful and they should be used with wisdom because one world has more than one definition in writing and that is the beauty of it. I like to think that we all are special in our own way and that we have our own way of expressing ourselves we just have to find it. It not easy but nothing in these word is easy for matter of facts and the only thing we have to do is to never give no matter what because that is life for when i write i share my writing with everyone because that how i talk with confidence and people listen to me. Writing is my special way of letting others know how I feel. Writing to me is; my pen, my paper, my though, my feeling, my worlds, my story and my voice.

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