Essay on My Day At A Hospital

Essay on My Day At A Hospital

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Most people would think spending a day at a hospital would be a boring day, but I am not like most people. My day spent at the ProMedica Toledo Hospital, located at 2142 N. Cove Blvd, Toledo, Ohio 43606, was nothing less than extraordinary, especially being in the emergency room. When I walked through the doors on April 26, 2016, I never knew I would be more sure about the career I am pursuing after I left that day.

A bubbly and upbeat nurse was quick to greet me. Nurse Kate is a registered nurse in the state of Ohio with a BSN and currently working on her Masters. She would be the person I would be shadowing that day. She led me in and out of all the emergency rooms for 10 hours. The rooms were a lifeless blue color with typical hospital beds that could be transported anywhere in the hospital. The grayish tile on the floor looked almost new. A curtain acted like a door, but there were walls separating the actual rooms.

HIPAA laws prevented me from knowing a lot of personal information. From a patient’s perspective, it was a good thing. All sorts of accidents, injuries, and unneeded hospital visits walked in and out of the emergency room. Anything from a little cough to chest pains to broken bones, I was interested in it all.

Seeing what a nurse goes through in a day gave a whole new meaning to the job. Nurse Kate showed me a perspective that I would have never seen if I had not shadowed her. She was warm and friendly to all the patients she encountered that day. When a patient goes to the emergency room, they want someone to be the ray of sunshine to the thunderstorm they are facing. The ray of sunshine in this case was Nurse Kate. She handled the patients with care, and she showed them t...

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...s with life threatening emergencies. The patients talked about how it felt like forever before someone helped them. I can see from a patient’s point of view about how a minute can feel like an hour. Overall, I think most of the patients did not wait a long time before they were taken back to a room and helped.

If I was offered another opportunity to shadow, I would take it in a heartbeat. This was an overall wonderful experience. I was treated with respect and was able to see a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into being a nurse. The workplace environment was a friendly atmosphere, but it was also very professional. After a long hard day, I realized there is nothing I would rather do than to be able to make a difference in someone’s life like a nurse does. I have no doubt in my mind being a nurse is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

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